Terms & Conditions - Intellectual Property License Agreement

Intellectual Property License Agreement

Katy Dee Textile Design Licensing agreement - T&C’s 

The prints designed by Katy Dee can be purchased under an Intellectual Property License agreement and by purchasing one you automatically agree to the below: 

Katy Dee offers two types of license; The Non-Exclusive design license and the Exclusive design license [custom designs only]. The license agreement sets the terms of use of the print design you will be purchasing and will be respected by both parties: (The IP owner: [Katy Dee] and the licensee [the client].)


If you purchase a non-exclusive design by artist Katy Dee you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. [A copy of these T&Cs will be sent to you with purchase of design] 

Design licensing is the purchasing of the right to commercially use artwork, meaning you can use it to create products to sell such as [but not limited to]  textiles, stationery or clothing. It is a great option for businesses wanting unique artwork by artists and helps their brand stand out. 

A non-exclusive license is a great and affordable option, this means it can be purchased by you and by others and may be used on similar or different products in a variety of categories. 

The license is valid for 1 year and if you wish to continue using the design after this time period you will need to renew the license [if it is still available on the website] 

You are allowed to use this design for items intended for sale. 

Limitations of use: 

  • You or anyone else must not sell, share or provide the design for use by others.
  • You or anyone else must not alter the design in any way, this includes [but isn’t limited to] scale, colour and changes to the design. 
  • You must not use the design in anyway that could be considered pornographic, defamatory, infringing or libellous in anyway. 
  • You must not claim to be the designer or creator of the artwork/design. 
  • Design must be used for one of the following categories: womenswear, menswear, kidswear, accessories, swimwear and homewares. [If you wish to use it for anything other than the above please contact me] 

Refunds are not applicable on these purchases so please read all terms carefully before buying, by making the purchase you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

The ownership and intellectual property of this design remains with the artist, Katy Dee


A bespoke design created just for you by Katy, how fun! 

This option is currently only available on a custom print design, these will be created as a bespoke work, and will be unique to you or your brand in Katy’s style. 

Custom print designs are priced individually and will depend on the brief provided by the client and will depend on the unique needs of the client and timeframe needed to fulfill the brief. 

Full terms and conditions will be discussed between the two parties and an agreement will be created and signed.

Custom print designs are created especially for you or your brand and must not be sold or licensed to any other parties. The licensee [client] is the only person allowed to commercially use the custom print design and must not be shared or sold on without the creators [Katy Dee] permission. 

The exclusive design license is final, however Katy Dee retains the rights to terminate the license if the other party fails to act in accordance with the license. 

Enough of the boring bits, get in touch if you want something fun and unique!