About Me

Hello loves! Katy Dee here.

Artist, designer, maker, thrifter and lover of colourful things that bring joy to the world


I thought I would share a little bit about how I ended up here.

From Seaford to Sawtell, one beach town to another, just a few swims and adventures inbetween.

I studied art and textiles at school and went to the London College of Fashion to do my diploma which I loved & then went on to do my bachelors degree in Three Dimensional Design and specialised in glass. Yes, glass. While I had huge respect for this medium I realised I was far too impatient for it and that my true passion was in the decorational side of art. The design, the surfaces, the colours and patterns.

I have studied & explored lots of mediums over the years including printmaking, jewellery, ceramics & textiles. I moved to Australia and studied Digital Textile Design at Tafe and loved it. This journey has taken me on a colourful, delicious ride where I now focus on painting and creating unique, original artworks as well as print designs for commercial use.

You can find me over on Instagram if you want to see behind the scenes or have a chat! @shiztastic

Big Love.