Sustainable Design Practice


Being a sustainable brand is important to Katy Dee, the artist and designer behind Shiztastic. She is very passionate about the environment with a particular focus on reducing Single use plastic and raising awareness on slow fashion. 

All the prints in her current collection are hand drawn. Beginning often as painted sheets of paper and collages, all artwork is then turned into digital illustrations and repeat prints of different scales and styles.⠀

Shiztastic is considered to be part of the slow fashion movement, creating small runs with all production and manufacturing happening in Australia. No plastic packaging is used and all fabrics are sourced locally and are vegan friendly.


Katy worked as a print coordinator at the Sydney based fabric printing studio Digital Fabrics for three years and learnt so much about their digital printing process. She has first-hand experience in all steps of Shiztastic's production and manufacturing and is confident in the quality and customer care they offer. A range of Katy's prints are now available to order on fabric through their website

The inks used in digital printing are water based and non-toxic. Digital printing positively impacts the environment by reducing much of the physical and chemical waste. It also has a very long life expectancy so customers know they are buying something that will last if looked after properly. 

All items are made to last and be treasured with most items being printed and made to order. All products are to be considered as wearable art.

Katy works from her home based studio to keep her footprint small. She is always trying to improve processes to make ethical and sustainable choices that will positively impact the environment. 

All orders are sent out in compostable packaging, using Heropack bags to send out orders helps to eliminate further waste and reduces plastic. These can go straight into your compost bin!

All marketing collateral is printed with Print Together on their recycled card and is great because no plastic is used anywhere in their packaging, winning! 

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything, please get in touch!

Katy x